Do you struggle with fear, uncertainty, doubt, & feeling worthless - like you just can't do enough?

It feels awful to be at war with yourself, struggling to hold on to your hope in the midst of a world gone crazy. You might feel like the only person you know striving to stay close to God, and even then sometimes He just feels so far away.

This is not what God wants for you - He wants to give you the gift of His word and the many promises He makes to you in Scripture. So to help that happen in your life, we've put together a bundle of amazing resources to help you keep the promises of God close to your heart and at the top of your mind. 

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Stuffed with 30 promises of God from Scripture in various formats to integrate into your daily life, this huge bundle includes memory slips, wallet cards, printable art, lockscreens, and computer wallpapers - all featuring God's promises to YOU.