are you looking for more joyful life?

Do you know there *should* be more joy in your life, especially as a Christian, but there just... isn't?

Do you feel like you are struggling to maintain joy while swimming in a sea of negativity?

Do you get lost in the urgency and anxiety of mundane, everyday tasks - leaving your desire for joy in the dust?

Do you feel insecure, less than, and generally just "not enough," which then causes you to hide your talents, gifts, and dreams away?

Is your mind constantly caught in the comparison trap, pitting your everyday life against everyone else's social media highlight reel?

it doesn't have to be this way.

I want to welcome you into a revolutionary masterclass and group experience for Christian women just like you who want to be the most joyful, light-filled, confident version of themselves - the exact woman God made them to be - the Joy Pod + the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass.

I'm Jill Simons & it is my mission to help you live with greater joy.

I reached a point in my life where I had so little joy, but I couldn't figure out what was actually wrong. I had my own business, a lovely family, food on the table, faith in God - what more could I want?

And yet I was constantly burnt out, annoyed, anxious, and envious - the constant narrative in my head was "Oh my gosh Jill! Why can't you just get it together?!"

And that's when the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass changed my life forever. Walking through this empowering program, created by January Donovan, I discovered so much about myself, my mind, and WHY I had so little joy. Hear all about it in this video:

so here's the question:

Are you ready to break free of the chains of anxiety, worry and stress?

Are you ready to truly step into what God has for you - both His promises and His plans for you?

Are you ready to stop hustling for your self worth, once and for all?

Are you ready to stop comparing and start celebrating - yourself AND others?

Are you ready for clarity on what you should be focusing on and how you can be a joy missionary in your own life's mission field?

With your commitment today, the Joy Pod Experience and the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass can help you do all these things and more.

But PLEASE - don't just take my word for it -

hundreds of women have had the same experience that I did. Here's just a few of them:

Do you know what all these women have in common?

They all took a risk, stepped out in faith, and said yes.

You are being invited out into the deep right now - the work in this class will not be easy, the vulnerablity you share with your group mates will not be comfortable, but both will be 100% worth it if you commit to this yes.

And though you are the one who will be going through this program, this yes is not "just" for you - investing in filling your cup allows you to better pour out into every other person in your life, from your kids and your boss to your barista and your mechanic, and THAT is how we show up as effective joy missionaries.

(But you don't have to take my word for it - check out what Jesus does in Matthew 14:22-23, Mark 6:30-32, and Luke 22:41 among others. If Jesus needed regular cup-filling time to sustain His vocation I think it's safe to say we ALL do.)

So, what do you say? Will you step out into the deep?

Don't wait! This round of Joy Pods closes in:

the masterclass is taught by January Donovan...

January Donovan is The Woman School Founder, a national speaker, entrepreneur, best selling author, mindset and skill set trainer and Self-Worth Strategist. Her work, story, and example are incredible. She is also a Catholic working mom of 8 beautiful children.

She has developed a unique program that trains women to overcome their self-worth battles by rewiring their worth through rewiring their brains, drawing on current neuroscience that has illuminated the way God designed our brains to work. She has coached women for over 20 years on mastering the skills they need to expand their dreams and cultivate a life of meaning. She gets women on a deeper level and has helped thousands of women achieve sustainable freedom, interior peace, and joy. 

Throughout the masterclass, January comes alongside you like an aunt and wise friend, providing the kind of peer instruction on being a woman that was historically passed down from woman to woman. But - as January points out in this class - the world has changed quickly and dramatically and now women need new skills and more of them to manage not only their minds but their families, work, and responsiblities as well. But, since we didn't learn this stuff along the way organically, we end up frustrated, burnt out, anxious, and comparing. Essentially? The opposite of joyful.

Here is January herself sharing more about what you can expect from the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass:

& your group experience will be led by me - Jill Simons

I am a wife and mother of 3, life-long Catholic, and serial entrepreneuer with a big heart for leading women into their unique and beautiful role with in the Church and the world. I have been the visionary leader at Pink Salt Riot for the last 6 years where I have been in charge of crafting physical products to help women keep their joy present in everyday life, but I  realized my company and I had been dreaming too small. We were equipping women with things to embody their joy - but what if women were struggling to find their joy in the first place?

Our Joy Pods are tailored to give women the space, time, support, guidance, and community necessary to help them unlock what God has already given them: their unique, beautiful, light-filled joy. I will be with you every step of the way, helping you uncover all the incredible dreams God has placed in your heart and equiping you with the tools and skills you need to bring those dreams into the world.

Through January's expert teaching and my leadership in your group experience, as well as the beautiful medley of the gifts and talents of your peers in your Joy Pod, you will have everything you need to begin your journey to greater confidence and joy - for good!

here's everything that you'll receive:

  • 8 months access to the Art of Being a Woman Masterclass - 24+ hours of content from January Donovan (a $997 value!)
  • Art of Being a Woman Facebook Group
  • Downloadable worksheets and materials (a $45 value!)
  • bi-weekly coaching meetings with your Joy Pod, facilitated by Jill Simons. We will meet via Zoom every other week for 6 months to discuss the content and pursue joy together. (a $1497 value!)
  • BONUS: 1 hour, one-on-one with Jill to begin your charism discernment process and making a plan for testing out your charisms in the world! This plus the ABW program will unlock a whole new world of possiblities in your life! (a $97 value!)
  • BONUS: Access to Future Full of Hope from Lisa Canning - her popular vision board workshop. This is a powerful complement to the content above, and comes with challenges to get your boards DONE (VALUE: $49)
  • BONUS: Premium Access to the Mission of Joy Summit recordings, audio, PDF guide, AND the Joy Missionary Bundle of goodies from Pink Salt Riot shipped right to your door. The Summit content is so powerful and such a wonderful compliment to everything you'll be doing in our Joy Pod. (a $67 value!)
  • ** EARLY DECISION BONUS**: First 24 HOUR signups ONLY (7pm June 13- 7pm June 14!) receive a ONE YEAR Joy Box Subscription FREE. Our Joy Box Subscription included a wide variety of jewelry, gifts, and print goods and a challenge to give away at least half of everything that comes in each box! (a $380 value in Pink Salt Riot products!)
  • SURPRISE BONUS FROM LISA: Lisa threw in her signature course: Conquer Your Calendar, for everyone that signs up before 7pm TOMORROW! (a $297 value!!)

This is $3,429 in value, but you can get all this today for just $997 or as low as $197/mo!

here's a deeper look at the ABW Program:

If you feel like you just might be destined to be burnt out, anxious, frustrated, & unfulfilled for the rest of your life- that's a lie. 

Joy is possible.

Let's go find it - together.

Don't wait! This round of Joy Pods closes in:

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